You Are What You Think And Your Success Is Tied To That


Positive thoughts do drive your behaviour and this shows how and why. A whole industry has grown up around this type of philosophy and if you spend time watching and listening to people (do it subtlely and without judgement) you can gain more of an understanding of their personal drivers. I am sure you have all done the people watching from time to time whilst sitting in a cafe, restaurant or on public transport.
As a trainer I find it very important that the image I put across is a positive one and that includes my use of language, both body and verbal.
Whilst I was in the military and training potential commandos it wasn’t necessarily the approach that I took, but now when training paying clients language and demeanour are exceptionally important.
There are a number of trainers out there who run bootcamps but have never been through the military training who believe that the inly way to motivate in a bootcamp session is to shout and put people down. From my perspective, guys you are wrong!!!
The habits and success of your clients come from your behaviours and words. As a businessman my destiny and success is in the hands of my clients…..



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