Corporate Clients

“I have 65 employees based in a factory at Onehunga. The bootcamp was proposed as strictly voluntary, and we immediately had 25 people sign up. We employ a complete spectrum of people – ranging from German PhD scientists to recently arrived immigrants from Asia and the Pacific. Needless to say a wide ranging level of age and fitness as well. The bootcamps have proved something of a revelation in terms of: 1. Building company morale. Not only amongst those participating, but also amongst those who are not – the interest in “what happened” at the previous night’s session is always high. 2. Building individual fitness and self esteem 3. Building mutual respect and support Because the range in starting fitness levels and age was great, Steve tailored the sessions so everyone participates at the level t hey are comfortable with. Some push harder than others, but everyone has a great sense of satisfaction and achievement at the end of the sessions. We are currently on our third five week cycle, in the middle of Winter, and still going strong. I can only commend Steve for his skill and professionalism in running this program for us, and would recommend it for any company or organisation. Please feel free to give me a call if you want to discuss”
Geoff, Director - Shieling Labs

Bootcamp Clients

“I was never really a morning person until I started bootcamp at Eastern Beach. Now I look forward to the sessions and feel sluggish all day if I miss one. My fitness and strength have improved a lot.”
Richard - Eastern Beach
“Steve creates a challenging environment for his clients while enabling much fun and laughter during the sessions. He is knowledgable and minimises the risk of injury through fully understanding his client’s fitness needs and individual levels.”
Nicola - North Shore
“From starting classes with FitForce over a year ago I have stuck with them due to the awesome and consistent encouragement given. Without this I think I may have faltered and found it much harder to stick at it. I have got the results I wanted. Fitter than I have ever been (@ 44) and have almost reached my weight loss goal with using the nutrition plan alongside the workouts. Absolutely stoked!”
Dean - North Shore
“I started bootcamp and only intended to to give it about six months or until I could see some results. Over two years later and 2 half marathons under my belt, and tough guys challenges I am still attending bootcamp run by Steve which says it all.”
Sue - North Shore
“I love getting out of the office for an hour twice a week to work out in the sunshine/rain at Albert Park. It is a great way to distress and fit my workout into my day. Highly recommend it!”
Mel - Albert Park
“I am truly committed to FitForce as a regular exercise plan for myself, for the fact it is fun, informative, challenging and the ever changing sessions keep me motivated. There is also a great feeling among the FitForce group and that is led by Steve, who helps us and encourages us all, whatever level of fitness you are. Added into that is the challenges you set yourself, goals you see yourself achieve, and a few good laughs while we are sweating it out. You won’t get someone yelling at you, just pure encouragement and drive, which will make you push yourself. You will go away feeling like you have something great for yourself, and how priceless is that?”
Paul - North Shore