It Isn’t Worth It

Regularly I sit down and chat to my clients before or after sessions because it allows me, as an instructor, to get to know them as people and to also understand what their goals are. This is one of the reasons why I limit the number of people that come to each of my sessions,

First You Have To Start

You Are What You Think And Your Success Is Tied To That

Positive thoughts do drive your behaviour and this shows how and why. A whole industry has grown up around this type of philosophy and if you spend time watching and listening to people (do it subtlely and without judgement) you can gain more of an understanding of their personal drivers. I am sure you have

Life Is Not A Dress Rehearsal

I look around and I see people walking around and they are overweight and either struggling with breathing or have troubles with their joints and I think why? With the advent of the internet there is so much information out there about healthy eating or exercise and I am not talking about leading a monastic

7 Great Tips For Injury Prevention

As a fitness professional I constantly see people injuring themselves unnecessarily or preparing incorrectly, so I thought I would put some ideas together in a list. This is not covering everything, but some of the approaches that if followed should minimise injuries and training downtime…. 7 Great Tips To Avoid Training Injuries Maintain good levels

Everything is Relative, But Attitude is Everything!

Paul – North Shore

“I am truly committed to FitForce as a regular exercise plan for myself, for the fact it is fun, informative, challenging and the ever changing sessions keep me motivated. There is also a great feeling among the FitForce group and that is led by Steve, who helps us and encourages us all, whatever level of

Mel – Albert Park

“I love getting out of the office for an hour twice a week to work out in the sunshine/rain at Albert Park. It is a great way to distress and fit my workout into my day. Highly recommend it!”

Sue – North Shore

“I started bootcamp and only intended to to give it about six months or until I could see some results. Over two years later and 2 half marathons under my belt, and tough guys challenges I am still attending bootcamp run by Steve which says it all.”

Dean – North Shore

“From starting classes with FitForce over a year ago I have stuck with them due to the awesome and consistent encouragement given. Without this I think I may have faltered and found it much harder to stick at it. I have got the results I wanted. Fitter than I have ever been (@ 44) and

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