Ever wondered what that ketogenic diet thing is that people keep talking about?

Have you heard your friends and trainers talking about it?

What is that LCHF diet?

Well ketogenic diets and LCHF are one and the same, utilising the same principles and also latchkng onto the same natural biochemical reaction within the body to give you what you want……

Fat Loss

Whenever anyone talks about dieting, it is what everyone is looking for. Whether it be for health reasons, fitness reasons or simply looking good.

Have you ever wondered how to target body fat to get rid of it?

The answer in one word is KETOSIS!

This is a natural biochemical pathway within the body where the body reverts to using fat as an energy source in the absence of blood sugar. You need to realise that carbohydrates are just complex combinations of sugars which is why you get blood sugar peaks after consumption of ‘stodgy’ foods like potato, rice, pasta and bread.

In our modern society people are beginning to struggle with conditions like diabetes, not necessarily because of excessive sugar ingestion, but a massive increase jn their carbohydrate intake as intensive farming techniques lead to a glut of cheap carbohydrates and sugars which in turn are put into processed foods, giving you an urge tk regularly have an intake, as the blood sugar levels dip.

What if you didn’t have those urges to keep topping up your blood sugar levels and cravings to eat.

What if your blood sugar level didn’t peak and trough like a roller coaster?

What if you had constant energy levels?

What if you were able to target that troublesome belly fat as an energy source?

What if you were able to detox as you lost weight?

What if you were able to not crash diet, thus resulting in yoyo weight loss and weight gain?

What if you were able to download a programme that educated you as well as giving you a food plan, thus allowing you add a little personal variety in what you ate?

The answer to all of the above is The Complete Keto Diet

So why is this different?

Most diets and detox plans last for 1 week, 2 weeks or 30 days…

If you ask any psychologist,  they will tell you that in order to break and re establish a new habit takes 90 days (12 weeks or 3 months). I’ll let you into a secret…. why do you think that most initial gym memberships are 3 months? Exactly for the reason i mentioned,  so that you can re establish a new habit, so in fact they are trying to help you as well as helping themselves.