The team here at FitForce are highly experienced at personal training with clients to help them achieve the goals that they set they set together.

When setting the goals the personal trainer will work with you to ensure that they are achievable and realistic within the timeframe that you set

Personal training prices are as follows:

One session per week – $100 per session *

Two sessions per week – $90 per session *

Three sessions per week – $80 per session *

* additional participants are charged at $10 per person (to a maximum of 5)


You get to choose the instructor that you wish to train with:

Commando Steve

Director/Chief Instructor

Studied in Oxford and gained a BSc in Human Biology, at the same time gained an interest in fitness and exercise instruction as well as completing an instructor qualification course.

Spent 10 years as a Royal Marines Commando Officer, deployed on Anti Terrorist operations, trained in Mountain warfare and Arctic warfare. Sub specialised as a Physical Training and Sports Officer and was in charge of all physical training and sport for the Royal Naval Officer Training College (Britannia Royal Naval College). After this he ran the Royal Marines Rehabilitation Unit at the Commando Training Centre.

Sporting wise Steve was an avid rugby player and eventually was selected for the British Combined Services Squad and played in the prestigious Army v Navy game at Twickenham. As well as rugby he was the Commando Training Centre Light Heavyweight boxing champion. When not playing rugby Steve started to enjoy Dragonboat race and was in the British boat at the European Championships.

Bronwyn Ludlam

Fitness Trainer

I have been in the fitness industry for 12 years. In that time have managed a big inner city gym. There was a time in my life that I got sick of being unfit so started running between lamp posts and after that, I was off. I love and have a passion for helping people achieve their goals. Health is not just about diet and exercise but also a positive mind and a happy life.

Interests:  Wake boarding, snowboarding, cycling, mountain biking, travel, friends, growing my own organic veges.

Achievements:  Raising two amazing boys, running my own business, being reps registered, certificate in fitness instructing and personal training, certificate in advanced core conditioning, diploma and LTCL in performing arts, qualified in kids training, crossfit and mobility.

Broni believes: What hurts now will one day be your warm up. Persistence conquers resistance.